3 Helpful tips to choose a dieting approach best for you

Adam covers 3 helpful steps to keep you on track.

What would you consider a successful diet?

One that gets results is important, but a truly successful diet is one which helps maintain and fine-tune your ultimate physique. 

The problem is not getting the weight off. The problem is keeping it off. Statistics have shown that the majority (95%) of diets are unsuccessful. What’s even more alarming is that more than ⅔ of those dieters put more weight on when they first started.

With this in mind, I’ve put together 3 simple steps help to a successful dieting approach:

  1. Write it down

Statistics show you’re approximately 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. A good idea is to print your goals on some paper and put them where you get to see them multiple times a day. It could be at your desk, on the mirror in the bathroom, or even on the back of the toilet door. You want to be looking at these goals regularly.

A great way to set goals is to use the SMART system. 

S – Specific (the goals must be very specific. If they’re too broad, you won’t achieve them)

M – Measurable (you have to be able to track them so you know your progress, i.e. each week, month, year)

A – Actionable (you must be able to take certain steps and progress towards what you’re aiming to achieve)

R – Realistic (they have to be realistic. You can’t lose 60 kg’s in a week, but you can in 12 months)

T – Timely (set time frames and be accountable for them. You will achieve each your goal on “X” date)

Write these SMART goals down. Statistics show that those who are able to more vividly describe their goals are 1.2 – 1.4 times more likely to achieve them. If you can commit to writing these goals down, you WILL be far more likely to achieve them.  

  1.  Ask yourself, “Can you see yourself using this approach indefinitely?”

Drastic approaches to dieting often lead to a drastic backlash. If you are choosing an approach that is not sustainable, be sure to have a game plan in place for when the “diet” is over. I would highly suggest choosing something you see yourself integrating within your lifestyle. That is, when you achieve your desired goal, you are more likely to have the tools to maintain it. 

  1.  Do you have a game plan once your “diet” is over? 

The most important time is actually once you finish a dieting period. This is where the body is set up for weight regain. After all, “dieting” is a form of controlled starvation; it’s essentially like telling your body that food is scarce.

Often, when someone finishes a dieting period, the first thing that comes to our mind is this: Go out and celebrate. The two things that are most common when celebrating are what? That’s right, food and alcohol. This is the hardest thing to plan for as your body has gone through a whole bunch of changes and you’ve even gone out and bought a new wardrobe. Your body is in the “red zone” as I like to call it. This is where the potential for weight regain is quite substantial if you are not careful.

Adam | Team TSN