Brye Markham

Over a 16kg loss in 10weeks

Hey my name is Brye Markham.

10 weeks ago, lots changed in my life… I was depressed, upset and angry. I felt like I was in a dark place with no way out. Like many people in these circumstances, I would usually turn to alcohol and make stupid mistakes. I couldn’t do that this time as I now have a beautiful baby girl.

I have known Adam for many years now as a friend, coach, mentor and inspiration. He contacted me after finding out what had recently been going on. This is where I told him I was scared, hurt and lost knowing I needed to make massive changes in my life. Now having a daughter, it was time to be a role model and the best dad I could possibly be. I needed to find something to channel my emotions and make me happy again.

Over the last 10 weeks Adam has worked very closely with me as a coach and a good friend. After seeing Adam in person, we had a heart to heart talk about my whole situation. From then on everything changed, training was going to be a new start for me. We initially set a goal of 100kg which I haven’t been under for over 10 years. I started getting results fast smashing 100kg, then 95 was the goal which was easily reached. Adam said he wanted me to get down to 92 93kg on weigh in day. The day of weigh-in I reached 89.2kg which totalled 16.1kg loss in 10 weeks. My whole lifestyle has changed and couldn’t be happier coming from such a dark place. I’m now on my way to the top! Turning to the fitness lifestyle was such a great choice for me, channelling everything into my own health. This lifestyle change was not just for me but more importantly my daughter. I can’t thank Adam enough for believing in me and making this all happen.

I lost my job, my family and everything in between. Throughout my recent experience, I turned every negative into a positive and couldn’t be happier. Life isn’t always just about work and money, it’s the lifestyle. This is by far the best lifestyle have ever had and this is only the beginning!

Brye Markham – Inspirational Transformation