Ceri Teese

Ceri’s Journey

I started with Fitness Matters as a group fitness instructor. My bubbly personality helped me hide the personal dissatisfaction I felt with my appearance even though I looked fit. The way forward I realised was to address my diet in order to build lean muscle and reduce body overall body fat. I believed that this would not only benefit me, but also my clients and colleagues alike.

I met Adam from TSN through the gym when the business began stocking TSN products. We developed a good rapport, and then Adam referred me to Mick for training. November 2014 I began my journey, learning that not only was I developing my nutritional knowledge and strength, I was also learning about myself.

My starting measurements were: 56.5kgs with 46.7% body composition of 30.1kg lean muscle and 26.4% fat. Through nutrition, diet awareness and a consistently developing training program I am now: 55.7kgs with 30.3% body fat; lean muscle increase to 38.8kg and 16.9kg of fat.

With the guidance of Mick and use of TSN products, in particular Slow Pro Protein, my strength program training has put me in good stead to achieve my goals. When starting the program I was benching 35kg, Squat 40kg and Dead lift 40kg; Now I am able to Bench 52kg, Squat 80kg and Dead lift 100kg. If anyone had told me I would be lifting these kinds of weights after 6mths, I would not have believed them.

My goal to inspire others has come to realisation; I’m fitter and stronger than I ever thought I’d be. My clients are keen to learn how I was able to achieve the results and constantly ask me about my training. Not only had my physicality improved, I am also mentally strong and ready to take on the next challenge.

Ceri Teese