Dahl Drew

My weight loss journey began some time ago in 2004. I had just left the QLD Police Service after 8 years and was now working for a National Banking Institution.

I was 31, 5ft 9, weighed 106kg and was miserable. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress in 2003 from incidents that occurred in my life both personally and then professionally as a police officer. I was drinking too much, eating too much and not doing any exercise. None whatsoever……and as a result my relationship with my wife, my friends, my family and even my children were affected. It was horrible and I hated who I was and with cancer in my family I was on a similar path to that of my parents – cancer and death in my 50’s. I had always been fit and active as a child and into my teens and early adulthood. I was a soccer, football and track athlete all the way through school making many representative teams along the way. I joined the QLD police service when I was 21 in 1994 at 78kg and was as very fit.

The switch was flicked in 2004 during a meeting with one of my clients in the bank who reminded me of my Father. This gentleman was overweight, had had a heart attack 12 months earlier and had a pacemaker installed and then proceeded to lose over 40 kg in 12 months. At the time of talking to me he was training to do his bronze medallion at Alex Surf Club at the age of 56. I was inspired and drew a correlation between him and my father. If only my dad had recognized that his health was not the best, that his diet was atrocious, he drank too much, he smoked too many cigarettes perhaps he could have done something about it. Perhaps he could have then been at my wedding, meet my son’s, help me with the things that a young man needs help with when he is out on his own. So I went home that afternoon, went straight to the fruit shop and bought $100 worth of fruit and veges. I knew that I had to lose weight and did some reading about the optimal foods to lose weight along with the best strategies to exercise. I read and kept reading. My knowledge was my release and it was fueling my desire. So after buying a heart rate monitor and new running shoes I started walking every morning and eating fresh fruit every morning along with proteins and green vegetables at lunch time and dinner.

The weight started falling off at 2kg a week and then after 6 weeks I was down to 1kg a week. After 6 months I was running and walking and I weighed 86kg and had lost 20kg. I then began cycling and continued with my diet and my weight went down to 80kg. I was now the same weight that I was when I was 21. I then started competing in road cycling in 2006 and have obtained many results in the past 6 years. I have won races locally and in South East Queensland in the Masters Competition. I have also represented QLD in the Australian Masters Track Cycling Championships in Sydney in 2009 and qualified for the World Titles in Sydney later that year. Due to a broken collarbone whilst training I was unable to compete. I have changed direction in 2012 and began the year at 80kg, my cycling had become stale and I felt that I needed a new driver. Due to the heavy rain at the start of the year I joined Suncoast Fitness and started cycling indoors and doing some light upper body weight training. It was then that I met one of the team from TSN and began speaking about training techniques, diet and nutrition and training supplements. Some more changes were made to my diet and I went from 80kg to 74kg. I now had a six pack and could see muscular definition that I have never seen in my life. I was hooked.

I am still cycling because I love the sport however I am now training in the gym also. TSN’s nutrition and supplement plan through Lean Muscle Gain has assisted me greatly in getting rid of those extra kg of fat and pack on extra lean muscle which I am very happy with. At present I now weigh 78kg and have 10% body fat. TSN’s knowledge of training principles, nutrition and diet strategies combined with the correct supplementation for your body whilst training has been a breath of fresh air.

I believe that I will achieve much more and with the help of TSN I know that this is only just around the corner and very obtainable.


Dahl Drew