How 44 days can make all the difference in time for holidays.


What is #dicedin44?

Having total understanding not everyone wants to jump up on stage and complete. Some people want to simply look good for their upcoming holidays, wedding or special event. 44 days provides more than enough time to create habit and healthy lifestyle choices.

The subject of maintaining condition “all year round” and re-evaluating goals rely on each other rather heavily. I constantly find people asking me when my next comp is? Am I competing? Why aren’t you competing? For that very reason I choose to go down a separate path. While I do support my partner throughout her health and fitness goals which includes being stage ready, I like to train towards special occasions, promotional events or even holidays. This constant re-evaluation of my goals helps to keep me on track and not fall the other way. Goal setting is an absolute necessity to keep your mind on the job ahead.

How diced in 44 came about?

After several months of dieting for a promotional photo and video shoot, the following 4 weeks I felt rather lost with no specific goal to work towards. The rebound effect of dieting I found nearly 10kg’s had been added to my frame. I decided to take my first measurements and weight to assess what needed to happen from here. Months prior we booked a trip overseas and calculated it was 44days from weigh in day. This was a perfect opportunity for me to get back on the wagon and re-focus on what I needed to achieve.

What was the result after 44 days?

I managed to get my body back to my original condition. This was approximately 8kg decrease in starting weight.

How did I do it?

Two things that immediately come to mind once the goal was set.

1. Preparation – preparation is the absolute key due to the ease of settling for convenience. This meaning everything from food to exercise had to be prepared. How do I prepare training? Simply by booking times in with my training partner. No matter how tired or unmotivated I was some days, I never let my training partner down by not turning up. I would highly suggest choosing a suitable training partner with similar goals if possible. This just makes the whole journey so much more enjoyable.

2. Consistency – as I say preparation is the key to consistency. Preparation is one thing, but if you’re not consistent don’t expect miracles. Short term sacrifices for long term gains which brings on my next question… How much does this mean to you? Put 100% in you will get that back and a whole lot more. It’s great to have a goal but if you’re not willing to put the work and effort in, don’t expect to get there on time.

Excuses will get you nowhere, your body will do all the talking when that special day arrives. That missed training session, those extra treats that you think are harmless. They all add up and no words will excuse the result. Deep down you will know if you gave it your absolute all. If this is the case there is no better feeling than to know you got the result you were after.

Tying it all in together

Nutrition – The foundation

Food is the absolute foundation builder. Think of our bodies like a car, there is no use putting diesel in a car that runs on premium unleaded. It just doesn’t happen! The words consistency and preparation will make or break you when it comes to food.

My daily food intake consisted of – 

Meal 1 – Protein Pancakes https://totalsportsnutrition.com.au/banana-muesli-protein-pancakes/

Meal 2 – Chicken, Rice & Green Beans https://totalsportsnutrition.com.au/chicken-basmati-rice-green-beans/

Meal 3 – Kangaroo, Rice & Green Beans https://totalsportsnutrition.com.au/kangaroo-rice-green-beans/

Meal 4 – Chicken, Rice & Green Beans

Meal 5 – BBQ Pork Cutlets & Baked Vegetables https://totalsportsnutrition.com.au/bbq-pork-cutlets-baked-vegetables/

Weekend “Clean Cheat Meal” – Home Made Pizza https://totalsportsnutrition.com.au/shaved-turkey-spinach-tomato-mushroom-pizza/

Daily Macros – this was rather low for me considering the amount of weight I needed to loose throughout this period of time.

Protein – 225g Fats – 50g Carbs – 250g


Supplementation is something that is simply used to “fill in the gaps” where nutrition alone can not support. I use supplementation according to my individual needs. In this case it was making sure I did not lose muscle while reducing body fat as fast as I can.

Slow-Pro – this is used with my protein pancakes in the morning or at night if cravings get out of control. Night time I would make a protein mousse to curb cravings.

ARS – my during workout recovery drink. During training its important that muscle is not used as energy and I can recover fast. ARS (Amino Recovery stack) provides me with quality BCAA’s and glutamine to help reduce muscle breakdown while promoting recovery. ARS contains no fat or sugar so it can be used during my weight or cardio sessions.

Pre-Amp – the days I needed an energy kick, especially when working out early mornings. Pre-Amp provided me with the energy and concentration needed before my workouts.

Thermal Core –

CLA 3200 –


L-Glutamine –

Dietone –