Fit Mum Monique is Interviewed by TSN’s Adam Bryant

Busy mum Monique always finding the time to invest into her health

TSN’s Adam Bryant had the opportunity to interview Fit Mum Monique. Understanding life gets busy, Monique provides some insight to the life of a busy fit mum. Time to prioritise, find time and no excuses!

Postnatal depression can completely change your world. I was a young mother with 2 children who suddenly found herself obese, depressed and scared. I avoided all social events, I was losing my friends, I wasn’t even in photos with children, I was miserable. I didn’t want to live like this, my children needed more from me so I battled every day and I won. Now fast forward 4 years I have lost 30kgs, I am fit, I am strong, I am healthy, I am a great role model for my children, I’m living a life I am proud of, I am happy!

– Moni

Moni’s 3 Favourite TSN Products

Slow-Pro – slow release protein that is great as a mid am/pm snack or before bed to beat cravings. Low in fat and carbs while high in protein.

ARS (Amino Recovery Stack) – great during workout drink to help reduce muscle breakdown and increase recovery. ZERO fat and ZERO sugar. During weights or cardio.

Femme-Fuel – before workout energy booster and fat burner. Can be used 15 minutes before workout or throughout the day as a fat burning drink.

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