Krystal McDonald

My Name is Krystal. At the end of 2012 I saw a picture of myself that made me stop in my tracks and go what the hell have I done to myself. I was tipping the scales at 121kg at the age of 27; my health was on a downward spiral. So like most people I made a New Year’s Resolution, I decided I was going to look after myself in 2013 and lose over time all the weight I had put on. I had always been a little on the overweight side, to me it was just a part of who I was,’ the big girl’. I made the decision I didn’t want to be that any more, I was tired of being overweight, not really being involved in things and having hardly any energy. I was letting my weight define me basically. So at the beginning of 2013 I started off looking after my own nutrition, which I will admit, probably was not the best idea as I had no idea what I was doing, I was only having three meals a day. I found I had a lot of support and information coming at me from every direction that it did get a little overwhelming.

I started Group Training, I was training twice a week and yes I was losing weight but my nutrition still wasn’t the best it could be. The trainer I had would tell me how important Nutrition is and we had a lot of discussions about the importance of Nutrition. How you need to keep your body fueled correctly to get the best Results. As I found with adding in the exercise I was getting rather lethargic as I wasn’t eating for the energy I was using or the Goal I wanted to achieve. I knew I needed to work something out, though I didn’t want any ‘meal replacement’ programs. SWAT Fitness then introduced me via Technology to One of the TSN Team, through the TSN Website, Facebook page and my interaction with the team members I have gained an immense interest in the Importance of Nutrition. I must admit I was excited waiting for my meal plan to arrive. My first reaction on seeing it was ‘I am going to be eating all day’ Followed closely with ’that is a lot of food’ My second reaction was pure excitement. I was looking forward to getting started and seeing results. Especially since I wanted to add in more training, even though everyone I knew would say the hard work is done in the Kitchen.

To start off with it was a challenge for me to eat to the meal plan as I had essentially been starving my stomach and system of some of the nutrients it needed. However now, I find myself counting down to being able to eat. Through using my Nutrition plan I have learnt how important natural ingredients are and how vital they are to our system as well. I remember the first time I actually went off my meal plan and had what’s classed as I cheat meal, it made me feel sick, as I wasn’t used to all that processed ingredients. I was also given 4 supplements that would help me achieve my goal of losing overall 51kg. They are Slow Pro, Dietone, L-Carnitine and ARS – Amino Recovery Stack. Through trial I found my favourite flavours in Slow-Pro and ARS, which are Vanilla and Lemon. Slow Pro is so filling and I find the ARS helps keep my energy up through my training sessions. The Mix of Dietone and L-Carnitine together I am sure help me a lot as well. In combining Supplementation and Nutrition intelligently and with the help of the amazing TSN Team I have found myself having a lot more energy to get through the day, no more power naps are required. I also have more energy that I now train 4 days a week, looking to make it 5.

I would Recommend TSN to anyone looking to make health changes, the staff is intelligent, supportive, and helpful. With their knowledge and help, my health has improved immensely as well with through eating so much it did help curb my increased appetite when I gave up a smoking. I have energy, stamina and the desire to do more that I am sure I haven’t had for years. I have now lost a total 20.5kg and am just off triple digits for the first time in about 8 years.