Paul Hooper

Owner – Paul’s Body Engineering (Team PBE)

I thought long and hard about whether I should share this experience or not but I know there is a lot of people out there that are going through or have been through similar circumstances so they maybe able to relate or furthermore take something from this.

This is my story so far…….
A few years back my 10 year marriage broke down. While this was not my undoing everything I knew was suddenly turn…ed upside down in the blink of an eye. For the first time in a long time I was a single Dad, living on my own with little structure or direction.

It wasn’t long before depression set in and I turned to alcohol for an escape. Before my marriage ended I was a trim 77kg and only after a few months I was as high as 96kg.

At times I would become selfish. I could not see a positive future and depression set in hard at times. Even the horrible thought of suicide crossed my mind.

I still maintained some sort of presence in my local gym however I really only did this to escape the loneliness which was life. I regularly neglected my daughter, family and friends and became a shell of my former self. The gym seemed to be the only release, the only escape, the only sanctuary I had.

Not long after I met my now fiancé Monique and everything seemed much clearer. She reintroduced me to health and fitness. I gave up on excessive drinking and before too long took the massive risk and became a qualified Personal Trainer.
During this time I was also introduced to the legendary Leon Stensholm. Under his guidance and training we prepped me for my first of five bodybuilding shows. I had now found a goal, a drive, a passion for something bigger then myself. While this sport isn’t for everyone I had always had an underlying desire to pursue this avenue and test myself.

I felt hungry again like I used to be on the Rugby field. It was inspiring, motivating and somewhat addictive. I have since competed again and have fallen in love with the sport and all it has to offer as well as the education I received each time. I have made some lifelong friends in the sport and love what experience each event brings.

My life seemed to have balance and purpose once more. My relationship with my daughter and family has never been stronger. My Fiancé Monique is my rock and always keep me grounded and our future has never looked brighter.

Health and Fitness is now my life and not only am I a qualified PT but I also teach the Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness. I also write numerous blogs for various Health & Fitness sites and have a successful online component as well.
I have the occasional drink in the off season and hold my weight well. I am now a proud Father of three and always wake up with a smile on my face.

While breaking down the walls of depression is extremely hard, it can be done. If I can, then so can anyone else no matter how high the mountain is that you have to climb.

I am always available to discuss this matter with anyone that needs assistance or just wants to talk. While I don’t hold a qualification in this area I think life experience speaks volumes and if I can help I certainly will.

I will also be looking to hold small seminars in the not too distant future about this subject and how health & fitness can not only get you back on track but also restructure your life to enable you to find balance, peace and fulfillment.

Paul Hooper 

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