Paul Hooper

Pauls Body Engineering

My name is Paul Hooper and this is Paul’s Body Engineering. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, coach, mentor and teacher.
My fitness background includes 10 years as a schoolboy and grade rugby union player and also success as a Junior golfer and international Netball Player.

Always a ‘gym junkie’ I really had no direction or purpose for training other than put on muscle.

My body was my body and I never thought twice about how what I put in my mouth impacted my energy, weight and general wellbeing.

Having made the decision to become a Personal Trainer and furthermore natural competitor I have now and will continue to learn the real meaning of quality of life.

Getting as high as 96kg and not thinking twice about it, I now sit at a comfortable 85kg knowing exactly what’s needed to nourish and fuel my body. I continue to train and train for my own specific goals but every time I train I learn new and exciting ways to assist my clients
My focus and drive has never been higher. I have never been stronger, fitter, healthier, or leaner. I have a greater understanding of food and nutrition as well maintaining a nutritious diet.

Through a balanced diet and successful training, I maintain a healthy strong body and feel this is a great positive influence on my three young children.

My Competition Achievements;
– INBA Southern Cross Titles 4th Men’s First Timers
– INBA Southern Cross Titles 4th Men’s Novice
– INBA Sydney Superbodies 5th Men’s Novice
– INBA Sydney Superbodies 2nd Men’s Open Class 4
– Asia Pacific’s International 5th Men’s Novice
– INBA Tropix Most Potential Award
– INBA Coffs Classic 4th Mens Physique 30+
– INBA Coffs Classic 4th Mens Physique Open Class 2
– INBA Tropix 5thMens Physique Open
– INBA Tropix Best Transformation Award
– INBA Brisbane Classic 5th Mens Physique 30+
– INBA Brisvegas Supershow 3rd Mens Physique 30+
– INBA Brisvegas Supershow 4th Mens Under 82kg

My Education & Qualifications;
– Business Degree
– Diploma of Engineering
– Diploma of Project Management
– Diploma of Sustainability
– Diploma of Local Government
– Certificate IV in Frontline Management
– Certificate IV in Project Management
– Certificate IV in Competitive Manufacturing
– Certificate IV in Property Services
– Certificate IV in Fitness

– Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
– Certificate III in Fitness
– Justice of the Peace (Qualified)
– First Aid Certificate
– Working with Children Blue Card

Paul Hooper – Inspirational Transformation