Interview with Paul – Owner of Paul’s Body Engineering (PBE)

Personal trainer and now competition prep coach

Adam Bryant from Total Sports Nutrition has the opportunity to chat with Paul Hooper from Paul’s Body Engineering (PBE).

Paul’s 3 Favourite TSN Products

Slow-Pro – slow release protein that is low in both fat and carbohydrates. Great to be used with meals, as a snack between meals or before bed for those who are battling cravings. Many great recipes including pancakes and mousse can be made from Slow-Pro.

ARS (Amino Recovery Stack) – during workout amino drink designed to reduce muscle breakdown while promoting recovery. Contains ZERO fat and sugar making it an ideal drink during weights or cardio training.

Z-Mag – is a highly absorbed zinc and magnesium combination designed to alleviate common dietary defficiencies. Z-Mag helps to support and regulate sleep patterns and boost the immune system.

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