800g down and counting! Doing all the little things right

Week 2 Photo Shoot Ready Update

Wow! Week 1 done and dusted and now well into week 2. Let’s just start by saying I needed a challenge. I was at a point of struggling with motivation and the ability to stick to a food plan. So I knew I had to do something that puts me out of my comfort zone that would give me the push, the new mindset and determination to achieve something. Then Adam ran with the idea and now each and every one of you are holding me accountable as I need to report in each week!

Week 1 was always going to be a challenge, food cut to 1700cal and no cardio! I’m a social triathlete so I love some running and cycling with friends to keep me active and have fun.

This week I completed my 5 weight sessions and with a new program change to start lifting heavy again I’m loving the sessions. With more volume comes sore muscles! So this week has been a battle of sore muscles, fatigue and hunger… but that desire to get where I need to and have a positive report in to Adam and you guys is definitely my motivation to knuckle down and get the job done.

This week would also have to be the best week of food for many many months for me. Just eliminating those temptations. Prepping meals and not buying food on the run has definitely helped the macro target be hit spot on and no binges. As I have been known to buy a packet of choc to eat one… and next minute the whole bag is gone, whoops. Also focusing on drinking lots of water.

This journey is something I’m doing for me, to feel good about myself but if I can inspire at least one of you along the way I’m grateful. As each and every one of you are inspiring me to stick to this plan and smash some goals