Week 3 & Momentum is Building

Week 3 Photo Shoot Ready Physique Update


Weight – 1kg Loss

Current Cals (1700)

Training Split (5 Days weights)

Cardio (4 x 15 min miss & 2 x 30 min cardio)

Week 2 – feeling good! Seeing some changes definitely makes you feel good and push harder to see more results. The positive mind frame is still there and mentally I’m in a much better place than o was 4 weeks ago just going through the weekly motions. I have a purpose again and I’m working towards it.

Training consisted of 5 weight sessions again and was able to increase some weights and smash out a couple pbs. This week I added 2 x 30min swims, 1 x 1hr push bike ride and 1 x 15mins on the elliptical.

Food was good, a social setting on Sunday lead me to bank some calories in the morning to ensure that what temptation (within reason) was able to be consumed for lunch. Then I was only able to have a very light dinner also. Because I am not doing this to get on stage, I’m not wanting to isolate myself from social events either. But moving forward to the following weeks when we get down to the business end of this challenge, wiser choices will be made regarding food when eating out. Maybe resorting to packing lunch to enjoy in that social setting.

The body is sore, tired and still plenty of hungry days which I’m trying to drink when the hunger urge comes on as I have been struggling to consume my water intake. So this should help. Here’s to a good week 3 and more progress to come!!