Week 4 Seeing Great Changes

Week 4 Photo Shoot Ready Physique Update


Weight – 1.5kg Loss

Current Cals (1700)

Training Split (5 Days weights)

Cardio (4 x 15 min miss & 2 x 30 min cardio)

Week 3 – another consistent week of food still up at 1700 calories. Always feeling hungry but just not giving in to that feeling and binging or eating something extra I shouldn’t. I’ve focused on increasing water intake and took my water from 1-1.5L a day to 2-2.5L a day where it should be. This helped fill some hunger cravings.

Training consisted of 5 weight sessions, the volume is still increasing despite being in a deficit of food and some pbs still happening!! My body hurts most days haha but that lets me know I’m working hard.

Cardio we have slightly increased and added a few sessions in a week to save dropping any food. Doing 2 x 30min, 1 x hour ride, and a 15min elliptical after weights for the week. Seeing some changes in the body, which is motivating me to keep at it. 6 weeks ago, I was not in a good head space and just felt like I was going through the motions with now enjoyment for life. Fast forward to now and I can’t even believe myself how much I have changed. I’m loving the results I’m seeing and my new training program. It’s amazing how feeling good makes your mindset so positive and happy.

When Adam and my friends can comment it’s great to see you smiling again Kelly and back to your usual self, it shows that my inner happiness is shining through if people are noticing. Bring on week 4!!