Week 5… One Tough Week

Week 5 Photo Shoot Ready Physique Update


Weight – 2kg Loss

Current Cals (1550)

Training Split (5 Days weights)

Cardio (4 x 30 min miss & 2 x 30 min cardio, 1 x 1hr cycle)

Week 5 Just passed the halfway point and let’s just say it was a testing week.

Being female our hormones like you play havoc, make us emotional, bloated, and just in general feel like crap! Made the mistake of focusing too much energy and stress on that number on the scales instead of understanding why (which I was expecting an increase but still let it affect me) and instead I should have been focusing on the positives that my measurements hadn’t changed despite the fact my weight was up.

Stressing and feeling unmotivated then led me to just wing my food while out to hit my targets instead of my planned, specifically weighed meals. This then leads you to be open to error and unknowns in foods. Some stern words from Adam, two days in a row… mixed with some tears and arguments back to him. Sorry Adam… but thank you for telling me what I needed to hear even though it’s not what I wanted to hear.

From there I could have gone 2 ways. Throw it all in as it’s all too tough, then I go back to where I wasn’t happy with myself. Or… use it to refocus, regroup and push that bit harder once again! These learnings make us stronger!

Now with all that behind me (hopefully) the game plan is back in place, Pb’s getting hit in each training session again, scales going back down, I’m so glad I didn’t let a tough week derail me and give up. Just over 2 weeks left to gonad I’m gonna make the most of it.

Current week training Weights 5 days a week 4 x 30min elliptical or treadmill 1 x 1hr push bike ride 2 x 30min swims