Week 6… The Best Week Yet

Week 6 Photo Shoot Ready Physique Update


Weight – 2.6kg Loss

Current Cals (1550)

Training Split (5 Days weights)

Cardio (4 x 30 min miss & 2 x 30 min cardio, 1 x 1hr cycle)

Week 6

It was probably one of my best weeks to date. After the worst week to date. I put my head back in the game, knuckled down and focused purely on just ticking those boxes off every single day!

Training intensity in the gym is up, as the push to lift heavier and more volume really motivates me. I love to see the little personal best pop up after each session if possible. Then I walk out of the gym feeling accomplished.
Weight sessions are still at 5 days a week.
Cardio has been 2x 30min swims which I couldn’t do last week so changed it out for a walk. I still have the elliptical after 4 weight sessions for 30mins. And 1x 60min pushbike ride on the weekend.

I did embarrassingly have a head clash with my dog on Friday (yes he’s 45kgs so he has a big solid head as well haha) so I think this left me a bit dazed, confused and sore for the weekend so I just backed the intensity of sessions back a little. I made sure that I nailed my food and focused on increasing my water intake up to a 2.5L minimum a day.

All these little things, the 1%ers are now the important things as we get to the nitty gritty end of this challenge.
I’m now seeing some of the lowest measurements to date since I started working with Adam 18 months ago and I’m pumped to see what else we can scrape off this body in this last 1.5weeks!!
Then it’s burger time one little treat to celebrate then straight back to the reverse diet, back into some higher food macros while staying in this shape summer is almost here so I definitely do not want to slip backwards because I can’t control myself for a few more weeks after this challenge has ended.
Stay tuned!! Photo shoot is next weekend!