Low fat, low carb protein pancake that can be used as a meal or as a snack alternative. Protein-packed for muscle nutrition and recovery.


▫️TSN Slow-Pro or Femme-Pro Slim protein (choc or vanilla)
▫️Egg whites
▫️Natural Peanut butter (if needed)
▫️Coconut oil spray (if needed)

▫️Sugar-free maple syrup (If needed)


1. Add 30g of Slow-Pro or Femme-Pro Slim protein, 118ml of egg whites and 10g of peanut butter to a bowl

2. Pre-heat pan medium heat (add 1 spray of coconut oil spray if needed

3. Stir thoroughly until mixture thickens while adding a sprinkle of cinnamon (if using vanilla flavour protein)

4. Add mixture to pre-heated pan (mixture makes 1 Medium or 2 small size pancakes)

5. Cook only until underside hardens enough to flip. Once flipped do the same for the 2nd side (this does not try out the pancake)

6. Remove pancake from pan (can add 20g of sugar free maple syrup if needed)


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Protein Fats Carbohydrates
37g 7g 6g