Pancakes for breakfast? YES PLEASE!!!

The ultimate way to start your day is with this nutritionally packed breakfast pancake.


▫️TSN SP3Pro-Petite or Six-Pack  (choc, vanilla or flavour you prefer)
▫️Egg whites (Farm Pride frozen egg whites)
▫️Instant Rolled Oats (Macro quick oats)
▫️Small lady finger banana
▫️Natural Peanut butter (Sanitarium Crunchy)
▫️Fresh frozen blueberries (Coles)

▫️Plain Yoghurt (Liddells Lactose Free)


▫️ Coconut oil spray

▫️ Sugar-free maple syrup (Queen)


1. Add 40g of TSN Protein Powder, 150ml of egg whites, 10g of peanut butter, 55g of quick oats, and 30g of banana into a bowl.
2. Stir ingredients thoroughly until it forms a thick consistency.
3. Pre-heat pan low/medium heat (add 1 spray of coconut oil spray if needed)
4. Add mixture to the pre-heated pan (mixture makes 1 large or 2 medium-size pancakes). Be sure to make pancakes reasonably thick on a pan.
5. Cook only until the underside hardens enough to flip. Once flipped do the same for the 2nd side (this does not try out the pancake). This will ensure the inside holds consistency and does not dry out.
6. Remove pancake/s from pan onto a serving plate.
7. Add and spread 70g (1/2 small tub) of Liddells Yoghurt on top of the pancake.
8. Add 100g of Frozen Blueberries on top of the yoghurt
9. Add 1 x serving (approx 20g) of sugar free maple syrup over the top of the pancake

10. Serve and enjoy!

NOTE – adjust the serving size according to your individual calorie/macro intake. This total can be broken into 2 x regular servings or 1 x large serving.

Adam | Team Total Sports Nutrition

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