Quick, easy, and nutritionally packed

Breakfast made easy! Certainly a great option on the run for those warmer months.

Breakfast is nutritionally packed to support energy and recovery.


▫️1 Serving (40g) of TSN Fast-Pro Protein (Vanilla)
▫️100g Frozen Blueberries
▫️20g Natural Peanut Butter
▫️1 Tub (140g) Liddells lactose free yoghurt

▫️54g of Quick Oats

Optional Extras

▫️Can use some sugar-free maple syrup if needed


1. Add all ingredients to the serving bowl.

2. Mix together and add chilled water if necessary.

3. Serve & Enjoy

Recipe designed by | Team Total Sports Nutrition (TSN)

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Protein Fats Carbohydrates
52g 21g 64g