Sticking to a diet

Important things to take into consideration

The question that gets asked often that I thought to share.

How can you stick to your “diet” for so long?

First I never really refer to what I do as dieting... more along the lines of “lifestyling” due to the food combinations I get to eat.

🥞🥞🥞 Protein pancakes for breakfast ✅
🍕🍕🍕 Homemade pizzas for dinner ✅

The first thing when walking through the door after the weekend was make up my protein pancake. This was then followed a few hours later by a pork, asparagus and broccolini pizza in cauliflower base. Please note this was all accounted for within my nutritional requirements.

An essential component when it comes to dieting is to respect and understand the nutritional value of food. People think when counting “macros” or simply protein, fats and carbs they can eat popcorn 🍿 and pop tarts... great in theory, but in the real world if your on low food this will be impossible to fit within your daily “macro” requirements. What Flexible Dieting/structured flexibility, counting macros or what ever we refer to it does is helps me stick to my plan. If I get sick of a certain meal... I change it. This seems to be the biggest issue when someone is looking for the best possible option.

There is no one size fits all approach. The first thing to consider when starting any “dieting” approach is longevity. Quality results will happen over time so it’s vital to choose a plan of attack that works for you, your lifestyle and particular goals.

Patience is another piece to the puzzle that people certainly lack. You must understand that the quick fix approach might work for the initial 6-8 weeks... then when going back to your normal eating habits the weight goes back on and then some.

Is an area that you would like guidance, structure and support?

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Adam | Team Total Sports Nutrition (TSN)