Why is breakfast so important?

The health benefits of eating breakfast

Breakfast is exactly that, breaking the fast as this is your first meal since last eating. For some of us,  this can be as long as 12hrs in between meals!

Considering our bodies are built to adapt and survive to our surroundings, it is imperative that we tell it food is plentiful. Over 10’s of thousands of years we have evolved to cope with times of feast and those of famine. Eating regularly (starting with breakfast) avoids our bodies adapting to lack of food which in turn keeps our body’s metabolism healthy, supports energy and brain function.

Studies have shown that more than half of Australians are skipping breakfast!

Why is this so?

Lack of  appetite in the morning – this is common when the body is not used to eating first thing in the morning or can also be a sign of a sluggish metabolism (due to adaptation). The best thing you can do in this case is start with something, even if it’s only small. That way you can aim working your way up to a normal meal over the coming weeks. In time you with find your appetite is increasing being a great sign the metabolism is starting to increase.

NOTE – simple things you can start with is a protein shake and banana for example.

Being disorganised or lack of time – preparation being key in this instance. Time is one of the most valuable assets people seem to certainly lack due to today’s fast-paced lifestyles. If you find there is little time to prepare breakfast, this could mean setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier, or simply preparing breakfast before going to sleep. Just a little preparation goes a long way in supporting good health.

There are plenty of simple breakfast recipes you can create including –

  • Protein powder and a piece of fruit – having something is much better than nothing. This will be a great way to help kick-start the metabolism and adjust to eating first thing in the morning.
  • Smoothies – blend some fruit, cereal and protein together and drink it on your way to work.
  • Protein mixed with oats or muesli – it takes less than a minute to scoop some protein on top of your cereal with some yogurt or low fat milk.

Reasons you should eat breakfast –

  1. Increased Energy & Concentration – breakfast boosts energy and brain function to get you firing on all cylinders
  2. Boosting the metabolism – eating regularly tells your body food is plentiful, avoiding a sluggish metabolism and excess fat storage.
  3. Reduction in cortisol – this is a stress hormone that can be at its highest first thing in the morning. Cortisol can have a large impact on hormones, the immune system and recovery. High cortisol levels can increase appetite and increase fat storage.
  4. Avoid Binge Eating – studies have shown those who skip breakfast are likely to binge later throughout the day  and crave sugar or fatty foods

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– Team Total Sports Nutrition Australia

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