Vicki Zammit

One woman on a mission!

As I recall the moment I decided to change my direction towards becoming heathy and confident.

It was after the festive season last year when I felt so low and embarrassed of the way I looked and importantly about the way I felt . I contacted Adam we spoke and he invited me in HQ. I clearly remember the day like yesterday driving there with thoughts in my head like “Vicki do u really want to go?” and nearly vomiting as I had to pull over on the side of the road to get control of my nerves before I walked into a place. I had never been and to openly speak to someone I have never meet about me. This felt so insanely crazy I had to really get those demons out of my head. From the moment I walked into HQ I was literally shaking and meet Adam. We sat down and spoke and the whole time. After speaking with him I just felt comfortable and was like this guy really understands where I’m at and truly knows how I feel. Adam made me feel so comfortable and normal.

From that moment I decided “yep” I’m going to do this and give this all to change my negative thoughts and feelings about me. Those that knew me before I committed to this journey, I was the person that arrived to party extremely drunk to build my confidence to even go I had no self esteem and felt so low about myself.

So for me I truly wanted to change!

I had to get my head around clean eating and patience. I asked lots of questions as I really needed to know the reasoning behind what I was doing as I’m a person that needs to truly feel something to believe in it.

I used to eat very little thinking that less is best and that cardio is the answer. Well that has proven far from the truth as I haven’t eaten this much or trained with weights until I started with Adam

So it was with many conversations and having to let go of my control that I 💯trusted in Adam with my all. It was extremely weird to have let control go and have someone guide and mentor you the way he does.

I then joined a gym a week later . Wow another massive challenge I had to face but if I didn’t I knew I’m not going to get results being half hearted and this was about me taking action of I can do this.

I wasn’t easy walking into a gym alone. I remember going into the weights area where mainly men train thinking OMG how embarrassing! But I took Adam’s words and his programme and focused on what I really wanted and it just felt right. I also knew if I didn’t do this now I never would! I never looked in the mirror while I trained as I hated looking at the person that was in there I felt so uncomfortable and way out of my comfort zone.

I went daily and pushed they crazy thoughts to the back of my mind and just got in and got the job done.

As I started to see results it made me more determined than ever to keep going . Yeh it definitely not easy but as Adam says consistency and patience it what gets you your results . Some days are harder than others and excuses like “I’m tried” or “I’ve had a busy day” creep into your mind , but it’s those days that you tap into your mental self and grind those sessions that turn out to be the best . As when you arrive this feeling of you wanna smash this and give it 💯pops into your thoughts it’s a crazy feeling.
To me when I’m training it’s my time just being by yourself and having nothing to think about except for the thought that you wanna lift heavier than you last program set . It’s the only way I am able to be achieving my little milestones I place on myself . I just feel at ease and peace at the gym now and can’t believe how confident I feel walking into the weights area where I struggled . I don’t feel ashamed when I sit on the bench in front of the mirror funny enough I actually like looking at my various body parts develop under pressure . I love what I see know and my veins lol
But in a serious note I would of never dreamt that I would feel so god damp good about me and to look back at the person in the mirror and honestly love what I see back

As I battle the demons in my head I truly couldn’t of achieved what I have without Adam’s support and constant check ins and him believing in me next level.

It feels very surreal and honestly words can’t even begin to describe how proud and honoured I am that I have embarked on my journey. I embrace each day with self love and care to continue to strive to achieve to transform my body

My mindset it not about being skinny it’s having a well developed body that looks good . I know have the ability to think clearly without feeling anxious and self doubt where I truly want to be.

Vicki Zammit