Things you need to consider before using fat burners

Adam explains two things you may need to consider before using a fat burner

Fix the symptom and it’s just a band-aid, fix the problem you fix the symptom.

It’s all too common seeing people purchase fat burners before actually setting their foundation. Here are two important things to consider before the use of fat burners.

  • Food – food is the foundation key to it all. What you eat is something that will have a tremendous effect on your ability to burn fat, boost the metabolism and help the body run at full capacity. If your not prepared to keep a consistent nutritional intake then I would forget about investing in fat burners end of story.

3,4 or 5 meals a day? Find what you can stick to as that’s of primary importance. Once you find a method that’s easy to maintain, then you can look at food choices and portion control.

  • Protein intake – they say as a general rule 1g per lb of body weight (2.2g per kg). E.g. 90kg male looking to improve muscle tone/fat loss, they could be looking at an approximate intake of around +/- 180g protein. This is not set in stone as there can be many variables to consider.

The reason protein is so important is that it’s the foundation building block of muscle. There is no use losing weight when considerable amounts of muscle is lost in the process. This leads to “skinny fat” and an undesirable shape/tone. Not only that, muscle burns a ton of calories… therefore the more muscle you maintain, the more calories you burn 24/7. Easy to keep the weight off for good, rather than those who just lose a ton of “weight” fast.

Once your food is consistent, your portion controlling and supporting an average protein intake… the consideration of burners can certainly come into play.

Before fat burners you may want to look at a simple “all round” protein that can be introduced.

Meal consistency and protein intake can be one of the most powerful fat burners going around!

If you have any questions, need support or guidance? Feel free to reach out and contact me.

Adam | Total Sports Nutrition