The statement “Contains Wheat Products” sometimes appears on labels of quality food supplements made in New Zealand as this statement is required under the “Supplemented Food Standard 2013” if any of a product ingredients come from any sources of wheat or it’s by products.

It does not always mean that actual wheat grain is in the formula or it contains gluten (wheat protein) which is undesirable for many consumers. What it usually refers to as is the case if noted as being used in a Syn-Tec formula, is that the nature identical flavouring in the formula is carried on a base of wheat starch as a delivering mechanism, just like lecithin is sprayed on WPI or WPC to make instanized WPI and WPC to stop the whey molecules from sticking together and forming lumps when mixing.

The flavouring is sprayed onto wheat starch to stop it from sticking together which means when the formula is mixed you get an even ratio of flavour throughout the mix. This is standard in most food flavours used around the world but many manufacturers don’t put this on their labels as many don’t include the exceptients used in their formulas… especially the USA manufactured products.

The amount of nature identical flavouring used in products is very minute as the flavours are often very concentrated and as such the wheat starch component is so small that it does not have a reportable measurable mass in the overall formula.

The reason for the labels having to state “Contains Wheat Products” is due to a broad blanket approach to making sure consumers are aware when they come into contact with any wheat product due to the high instances of gluten intolerance in people these days. It must be made clear though, that wheat starch is gluten free. Gluten comes from wheat protein of which Syn-Tec does not use in any of its formulas.

Hope this helps in your search for more useful information about how formulas are put together.

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