Why scales shouldnt be used as the only indicator of progress

Beyond the Scales

Embarking on a health and fitness journey often begins with stepping on the scales to determine a starting point. However, this conventional measure can sometimes be misleading and discouraging. While scale weight provides a numerical assessment of your mass, it doesn’t paint the complete picture of your overall health and fitness progress. Let’s explore why relying solely on the scales can be limiting and identify other metrics and factors that offer a more comprehensive insight into your wellness journey.

Why scales fall short:

  1. Body composition: Scale weight doesn’t differentiate between muscle, fat, bone and water. Gaining muscle while losing fat – a common and healthy progress – might not lead to a drop in weight, potentially leading to unwarranted frustration.
  2. Fluid fluctuations: Hydration levels can significantly impact weight. Eating salty foods, hormonal changes, and varying hydration levels can lead to water retention, causing weight fluctuations.
  3. Bowel movements and food intake: The timing of meals and bowel movements can alter daily scale readings, making them unreliable as a sole measure of progress.

Other factors influencing scale weight:

  1. Dietary choices: Consuming foods high in sodium or carbohydrates can lead to increased water retention, resulting in temporary weight gain.
  2. Hormonal changes: Hormones, especially in women, can influence water balance and subsequently, weight.
  3. Muscle gain: Engaging in resistance training can lead to muscle gain, which might increase or stabilise weight, despite fat loss.
  4. Medication and health conditions: Certain medications and health conditions can impact metabolism and water balance, affecting weight.

Alternative measures of progress:

  1. Body fat percentage: Measuring body fat percentage provides insight into body composition, helping differentiate between muscle and fat.
  2. Waist-to-hip ratio and circumference measurements: These offer a visual representation of fat distribution and muscle gain, especially around the abdomen and hips.
  3. Fitness level and strength gains: Tracking improvements in endurance, strength, and flexibility can be a true marker of progress.
  4. Energy levels and mood: Increased energy and improved mood are often overlooked indicators of a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Clothing fit: How your clothes fit can be a straightforward and tangible measure of physical changes.
  6. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels: Monitoring these health indicators can reflect improvements in cardiovascular health.

While scale weight can offer some insight into health and fitness progress, it’s essential to not rely on it as the sole indicator. Adopting a holistic approach and considering various metrics will provide a more accurate and motivating representation of your journey. Remember, health is multifaceted, and progress extends beyond the numbers on the scale. Celebrate all victories, whether they reflect on the scale or not, and keep striving for a balanced and healthier you!



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Dr Mark Doyle

"Since Adam has become my mentor I have become lean and strong and have maintained my weight for over 2 years."

His involvement in my diet has been crucial to my success - using a variety of mobile phone apps, he is able to see my daily weight, daily dietary intake and weekly measurements  - a regular weekly review with him has kept me in track and I am now much more knowledgable with  respect to sensible food choices and will never get back to my old ways.
What I have learnt is that visits to the gym without manipulation of one’s diet will never lead to success. Adam has completely changed my life and I can’t recommend him highly enough...

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Sarah Vecka

"Adam, I just want to say thank you!! You have changed our family's life for the better!! "

Even with working out regularly I never saw a change in my body shape. I just stayed on the small side. I have always kind of looked the same… but Now being in my early thirties I could see the weight creeping on, before I knew it I was 10kgs heavier… It was time to do something! As well as being motivated by my husband's impressive changes with Adam, and his encouragement to give it a try I jumped at the opportunity…


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