Caz Transformation (APRIL20-AUG20) FRONT

“Even though I am close to my goal, I don’t want the journey to stop there.”

I started working with Adam 6 months ago with a goal to get in shape for a photo shoot. As a fellow industry professional I was looking for a trainer that would map out my program and mentor and support me through the journey. Adam carefully plans my programs in stages and communicates the goals at each stage. His exercise selection specifically targets areas that I need to focus on to get results and the content he provides is tailored to my existing knowledge.

I don’t see Adam face to face as a weekly or monthly client but I feel like he is with me every day I train. I put my full faith in trusting the process and whenever I have a question or need to check technique he is straight back to me by video or through the app. I have learnt so much from the resources he shares regarding nutrition and training, especially with metabolic building and planning social events.

The TSN team is the best, we all support and share each others success. To date I have lost 10.2kgs, 11cms off waist and 12cm off hips. Even though I am close to my goal, I don’t want the journey to stop there.

I always want to be part of the TSN team and aside from being a totally dedicated trainer, Adam is a truly genuine, top bloke.