Advanced Amino Drink.

SYNABOL is possibly one of the most impressive advanced amino formulations going around. SYNABOL packs nearly 12g of quality amino acids per serving. This product is designed for the ultimate during workout recovery drink with ZERO fat and low carbohydrates. One serving of SYNABOL contains a very generous serving BCAA’s and L-Glutamine for to support muscle nutrition, repair and recovery. SYNABOL provides complimentary ingredients including Beta Alanine to delay fatigue and AKG to improve bloodflow.

SYNABOL is a great product of choice for men and women during training.

SUGGESTED SERVING: It is suggested that you dilute 1 & 1/2 scoops of SYNABOL in your shaker or water bottle and sip during your workout. SYNABOL can also be used before and/or after physical activity.

Available in: 500g (Watermelon, Raspberry Cola or Pineapple)

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