Bored with the Treadmill and Rower?

Time to get those gains you want by adding Box Jumps to your cardio regime.

The box jump is a plyometric exercise that requires you to jump from the ground to an elevated surface. They are beneficial to improving explosive strength and burning fat through metabolic stimulation.

The box jump combines both strength and cardiovascular training into one exercise. This has been shown to burn more calories by moving from one exercise to the next in a circuit compared to resistance training alone.

Box Jump

Lengthen the muscles – by bringing yourself down into a low squat. This prepares you to explode upwards.

Explosive Contraction – occurs as you propel yourself upwards. Land Softly by absorbing the shock with a slight bend in your knees as your feet hit the platform. You will more or less end in a squat position.

Stand up – straighten your body to a completely erect position. This will give you more control and improve balance.

Get down (return to floor) - moving backwards, you can either jump or step down. If you choose to step back, ensure that you alternate legs as you go.

Tip: Avoid looking down to ensure that your head and neck stay in a neutral position.

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