How did this family make such an incredible transformation?

Learn how both Charles and Jen Boyle made health and fitness a priority.


Adam Bryant makes the most of an interview with Charles & Jen Boyle. Business owners, parents, athletes and ambassadors... Charles and Jen tell all how work, life and parenting is juggled to meet their health and fitness goals. They explain about the importance of making yourself a priority when it comes to health. Healthy body and healthy mind is the key to relationships, developing business opportunities and setting a good example for the family.

So for those business owners and parents out there, this one is for you! There are 24hrs in the day, if you don't have time then make time to invest into your own health.

Total Sports Nutrition - Proud Sponsors of Charles and Jen Boyle

Charles & Jen’s 3 Favourite TSN Products

Slow-Pro – slow release protein that is low in both fat and carbohydrates. Great to be used with meals, as a snack between meals or before bed for those who are battling cravings. Many great recipes including pancakes and mousse can be made from Slow-Pro.

ARS (Amino Recovery Stack) – during workout amino drink designed to reduce muscle breakdown while promoting recovery. Contains ZERO fat and sugar making it an ideal drink during weights or cardio training.


Z-Mag – is a highly absorbed zinc and magnesium combination designed to alleviate common dietary deficiencies. Z-Mag helps to support and regulate sleep patterns and boost the immune system.


Charles & Jen’s 3 Favourite TSN Products