Total Sports Nutrition has 2 different types of pre-workout products designed for a specific purpose. Pre-workouts are a great option for those lacking motivation and energy prior to training. It is something that can be included provided nutrition and exercise is on track. Too often pre-workouts are used as a quick fix, unfortunately it can only provide a band-aid effect for those constantly lacking energy. Pre-Workout when used correctly can certainly play a vital role to help you train harder for longer, increase concentration and delay fatigue.

Pre-Amp – is an amino based pre-workout energy fuel with zero fat and sugar. This is great product for anyone looking for an added kick and improved concentration without the crash. Pre-Amp contains aminos for muscle nutrition and Beta-alanine which provides that “skin tingling” sensation. Beta-alanine is an amino that helps act as a lactic buffer to help you train harder for longer.

Recommendations –

Fat loss – if your after a performance “fat burning” pre-workout, stack L-carnitine with pre-amp to help the body efficiently use fat as an energy source. Together provide a great combination for those looking at a quality performance based pre-workout fat burner.

Lean Muscle – add creatine monohydrate with pre amp for those in a strength/lean muscle program. Adding creatine to pre-amp will help assist in recycling the body’s immediate energy source being ATP.

NOTE – Any person can use pre-amp but for those who are not used to the “skin tingling sensation, be sure to explain to them its rather normal. If you do not normally consume caffeinated products, it is recommended to use 1/2 serving of Pre-Amp to start.

Femme-Fuel – this product contains an impressive line-up of ingredients to help support fat loss and the calorie burning process. Carnitine & green tea extract are among several ingredients used in this product to improve the body’s fat burning abilities. Femme-Fuel contains NO “skin tingling” ingredients as there will be those looking to avoid this sensation all together. With the addition of caffeine and thermogenics, product is ideal for those (men & women) looking to accelerate fat loss and with an added energy boost.

NOTE – Femme-Fuel can also be added within your water bottle throughout the day. A great alternative to energy drinks etc as it tastes great and has no fat or sugar. 1/2 Serve mid morning & 1/2 serve early afternoon can be advised.

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