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"Adam has shown me, it’s about mindset! "

In March I was faced with a few curve balls due to Covid. Fresh out of 4 months of intense training and worried about the implications Covid might have on my new career, I made a spontaneous decision to accept a contract working in a remote aboriginal community in the Great Victorian Desert in South Australia.

The decision meant I had days to make it from QLD to SA before border closures. A total of approx. 3,000 kms and the acceptance of 3.5 weeks alone due to entering a biosecurity area meant I had a lot of time to think…and scream like a girl lol

Generally, I’ve always been active although my ability to avoid distraction meant my health and fitness had been very inconsistent.

After a few positive recommendations about Adam from TSN, I decided to get in touch and see if he could help me under the circumstances and limitations I was faced with.

I really can’t thank him enough for the support, motivation and education he’s provided so far on my journey, but also helping me to find ways through restrictions and obstacles along the way.

My Gym is my miners hut/doonga and the great Australian outback. You’ll find me racing up a desert dune to capture a sunset, cross country walking through the bush, chasing the camp dogs on their rabbit hunting missions or taking out my compound bow “Vulture” for a bit of fun.

I look forward to my weekly check in’s, even if that resorts to climbing onto the roof of my Landcruiser to get a stronger phone signal to watch Adam’s video feedback… OMG these have really kept me sane lol.

Apart from my positive transformation in physique and strength, the most amazing part is the skills I’ve gained that I now apply to all areas my life. I’ve learnt that mental and physical strength go hand in hand.

Adam has shown me, it’s about mindset! there’s no quick fixes, just consistent hard work that leads to success. Always look for a way, not a way out.

That being said, Massive shout out and double thumbs up to Adam for being an amazing Walk the Talk coach! You’re an absolute dinky die Legend!