Fast vs Slow release protein – What should I take?

Protein is the Greek word for “Prime Importance” and essential for optimal repair and recovery of muscles. Protein is just as important for those looking for fat loss and body toning as it is for lean muscle or mass gainers. Training, nutrition & supplementation will vary according to one’s goals; protein still remains an essential nutrient for every body and every goal. Supplementation in conjunction with a well balanced nutritional intake can help aid in supporting the body’s daily protein requirements.

Fast or slow release and when should I be taking it?

There still remains so much confusion as to what protein is best suited to a particular person’s goals. This article should provide further clarity into what protein is best suited to your needs.

Slow Release Protein (Calcium Caseinate)

Slow release protein (calcium caseinate) provides a “drip feed” effect to the body’s muscles. Due to its gelling effect as soon as it hits the stomach, slow release protein is digested and absorbed over a long period of time. This provides a steady flow of amino acids (protein) to your muscles keeping you fuller for longer. Slow-Pro is ideally used as a healthy snack, with meals to boost protein content or before bed.



Suggested Serving – can be used with meals to boost protein intake, in between meals as a snack additive or before bed

Femme-Pro Slim 

Suggested Serving – can be used with meals to boost protein intake, in between meals or as a snack additive. Not advised to use before bed as it contains 6 additional fat burning ingredients.

Note  Slow-Pro & Femme-Pro Slim have both casein and whey combined to provide the building blocks for muscle nutrition and recovery. Together still provide a timed release (drip feed) effect but with a healthier amino acid profile.

Fast Release Protein (Whey Protein)

Whey protein is rapidly digested and absorbed by the body to supply nutrients to muscles at times of need. This is particularly important around physical activity as whey protein provides the nutritional building blocks for muscle growth, repair and recovery. Fast-Pro is a high protein, low fat and carbohydrate blend which tastes great and mixes easily in water.



Suggested Serving – can be taken first thing in the morning & immediately after training. If not using a before training aid, Fast-Pro can also be used 30 minutes before training.

Note  TSN’s Fast-Pro has additional L-glutamine and Tyrosine to support a healthy immune system and offset the feelings of fatigue.

Protein for Hard Gainers


There are many things to look for when buying protein. Read this article for a better understanding of what you need to look for when buying your next protein

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