Week 7 – The Week Before the Shoot

Week 7 Photo Shoot Ready Physique Update


Weight - 2.6kg Loss

Current Cals (1550)

Training Split (5 Days weights)

Cardio (4 x 30 min miss & 2 x 30 min cardio, 1 x 1hr cycle)

Week 7 - the final week

Well what can I say... it’s the final week and I should be pumped and excited! Instead I’m feeling a little flat, a little nervous and also it’s a bit surreal it’s finally arrived for photo shoot time and I don’t feel ready! I am but that’s just me being me, my toughest critic and never satisfied. Always wanting more and to be a better version of myself every single day.

The hard work is done, the boxes ticked, all the emotions of this whole experience being felt.

I actually think it’s the thought of what’s to happen after this all that is giving me the most anticipation. Reversing back out of this critical stage correctly as i haven’t done the past 2-3 times. I’m loving the way I feel and look, it’s giving me the confidence boost I lack in general life and quite frankly the idea of ruining this hard work scares the crap outta me. This will be the tough part, the next few weeks.

Luckily this week has been flat out trying to figure out outfits, hair, make up.... oh and getting everything ready and up to Noosa for a triathlon on the Sunday morning following straight after the shoot. Nothing like doing everything at once!!

This week was one day at a time, tick the box, follow the plan, relax and don’t stress haha easier said than done. Adam has been a great support and I thank each and everyone of you for following my journey of accountability to get photo shoot ready. Without knowing I had to report in each week, well the results may have been a bit different. I work well being held responsible for my actions and reporting to someone to hold me accountable. Having that purpose, goal & time frame to work towards.

Can’t wait to share some photos with you guys and hopefully see some of you undertake the same journey in the future.

Bring on the Tan, the burgers, and here’s to higher food consumption in the following weeks to come. This makes a happy Kelly