Fast or Slow Release Protein?

Often a confusing topic but it’s relatively easy once you understand how they work. Protein is the Greek word for prime importance. We need protein for all bodily functions including muscle repair and recovery.

The two biggest issues we face with today’s fast paced lifestyles are –

1. Meal inconsistency
2. Failure to support daily protein requirements

With this being said where do we start?

Fast Release Protein or Whey Protein

Ideal for those looking for additional recovery around training times. Fast pro (whey protein) is ideally used 30 minutes prior to training or immediately after training. Whey protein or fast release protein just like the name suggests is rapidly digested and absorbed into the body. This making it ideal choice in protein around training times for accelerated recovery. Fast release protein can also be used with meals to boost protein content of that meal (e.g. With breakfast). This protein is low in fat and carbohydrates.

Slow-Pro or Slow Release Casein Protein

If your one looking for a snack or something to curb the cravings through the day and before bed then Slow-Pro will be a choice in protein. Slow release protein is digested over a long period of time giving you a “drip feed” effect. This slow digesting protein will keep you fuller for longer and considered as your best “all rounder” protein. You can use Slow-Pro with meals, as a “snack additive” or before bed.

TSN’s Femme-Pro Slim is also a slow release protein with 6 thermogenic ingredients. You get the benefits of a slow release and a fat burner all in one. This is a protein used as a “snack additive” or with meals to boost protein content (e.g. Breakfast). Both Slow-Pro and Femme-Pro slim are both low in fat and carbohydrates.

Finding it hard to maintain or gain weight?

Your protein of choice is TSN’s Massculine-Pro. This product is packed full of protein and carbohydrates designed to help fuel growing bodies.

Those looking for a vegan friendly or dairy alternative?

We have just released our latest protein product being Veg-Pro. This product is made from pea protein and available in delicious vanilla chai. Great for those in need of a protein supplement that is dairy free.

Can I have more than one protein?

Of course but budget is always something to take into consideration. Now you have some clarity when choosing a protein that best suits your needs.

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