Adam explains what to do when starting with supplement recommendations. It can become very overwhelming when it comes to recommending supplementation to members/clients.

Two common issues people face with their daily nutrition plan -

1. Meal inconsistency

2. Lack of protein intake daily

Protein is the base foundation product (for the majority) that will be of vital importance. Helping one support their daily protein requirements and meal consistency will go a long way to improve body composition. Remembering all used in conjunction with a well balanced diet and regular exercise.

Femme-Fuel - this product contains an impressive line-up of ingredients to help support fat loss and the calorie burning process. Carnitine & green tea extract are among several ingredients used in this product to improve the body's fat burning abilities. Femme-Fuel contains NO "skin tingling" ingredients as there will be those looking to avoid this sensation all together. With the addition of caffeine and thermogenics, product is ideal for those (men & women) looking to accelerate fat loss and with an added energy boost.

NOTE - Femme-Fuel can also be added within your water bottle throughout the day. A great alternative to energy drinks etc as it tastes great and has no fat or sugar. 1/2 Serve mid morning & 1/2 serve early afternoon can be advised.

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