With my debut in pro this year, your brand exposure will reach numerous levels of riding abilities whilst travelling to all different events over the country; from the highest of national events like the Australian Offroad Events and Australian 4 day, to recreational events, like trail rides, practice days and kids ride days (organised by my local club).

I take pride in my stature and image at races, practice events and also during training. I’m approachable and friendly enough to chat with the other guys at races, and also communicate well with the weekend warriors since that’s where it all started. I’m always able to put my best foot forward for my sponsors when it comes to being approached at a time that isn’t entirely reasonable, from just before a race, to being out of breath in the gym, I can deal with those situations in a beneficial facet.

I might not be the most naturally gifted or talented rider out there at the moment, but I believe hard work beats talent. It just so happens that hard work is my talent. I appreciate any sponsorship or feedback that you can give.



9th February  –  KTM Pony Express

23rd February   –  Husqvarna Sprint


16th March  –  KTM Pony Express

23rd March  –  Australian off Road Championship


6th April  –  Husqvarna Sprint

20th April   –  Queensland Championships (AORC)


18th May  –  KTM Pony Express


13th July  –  Husqvarna Sprint

20th July  –  Queensland Championships (AORC)


13-16th August  –  Australian 4 Day Enduro

31st August  –  KTM Pony Express


28th September  –  Australian off Road Championship