What is the difference between Slow-Pro & Femme-Pro Slim?

clarity on the difference between these two proteins

What are the differences between these two TSN proteins?

Another commonly asked question as these proteins are both slow release proteins. This means they are both digested over a long period of time, providing a “drip feed” effect to the body. Slow-release proteins are great to be used with meals, between meals as a “snack additive” or before bed.

Slow-Pro – is considered as your “all rounder” protein. It can be used with meals, as a snack between meals or even before bed. Slow pro is low in fat and carbohydrates helping those who need to support their daily protein requirements.

Suggested use – With meals, snack or before bed

Femme-Pro Slim – is very similar to slow pro being a slow release protein that is low in fat and carbohydrates. The major difference is Femme-Pro Slim has 6 additional thermogenic (fat burning) ingredients to rev up the metabolism, support the calorie-burning process and energy production.

Suggested use With meals or as a snack throughout the day

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