Tired of not getting the chest development you have been wanting? Finding your getting sore the next day in the outer pec & front of the shoulder? That dam chest just does not seem to want to grow the way you want it! DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?

It’s not how much you bench; it’s how well you bench…

Understanding mind muscle connection and flexing with weight is vital for even chest development. Anyone can lift weight, but activating your entire chest through specific movements involves more than just lifting weight. There is hope out there as this is a very common mistake which is easily corrected.

While your reading this place both hands together and squeeze them together as hard as you can. Relax for a few seconds then repeat the process a few more times. Now do the same thing but lightly squeeze your shoulder blades together… AMAZING! This just confirms that shoulder positioning will have a dramatic impact on your ability to activate your chest. Too much emphasis is placed on lifting the weight rather than activating the entire chest. The shoulders, triceps and lats tend to do the majority of the work rather than the actual chest itself.

Try this in your next chest training session -

1. Grab a pair of dumbbells, lie down on a bench and slightly arc your back and lightly pull your shoulder blades together (lightly squeezing a coin in the middle of your shoulder blades).

2. Bring the dumbbells out so your elbows are 90 degrees from your torso, making sure your wrists are in line with your elbows (in line with collar bone).

3. Thinking about when you were squeezing your hands together with your shoulder blades lightly squeezed. Now push the dumbbells up & in making an arc motion keeping the shoulders in the same neutral position.

4. Relax through your arms and wrists so that all the concentration is through the chest. Make sure that at the top of the movement the shoulders do not jolt forward, keeping the chest open.

5. Bring the dumbbells back down again so the upper arm is close or slightly below parallel to the

floor. Wrist and elbows inline and repeat the process, thinking about the squeeze through the entire chest.

Make sure all repetitions are slow and controlled to increase time under tension. Complete 10-12 reps with a considerably lighter weight while carrying out this technique. Be sure to prioritize on what part of your chest you need more development through. Larger more compound movements at the start (bench press) followed by smaller isolation movements (DB flys). This is always a good approach when beginning your new chest routine. Once you have perfected this new technique, there are many variations of chest programs that can be followed.
Remember it is absolutely crucial that you develop a true understanding of what mind muscle connection is all about. So next time your training chest and feeling it in the shoulders and outer-pec, put the weight back your ego aside. Drop the weight and learn how to flex the chest with weight for true overall chest development.

Now how well do you bench?

“Look Good, Feel Great”
Team TSN

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