No time in the mornings to prep? We have found a quick and easy option for you to get your day started. Packed full of protein and quality carbs, this breakfast recipe is nutritious and easy on the taste buds. This breakfast mix would have to be one of the fastest and easiest meals to prepare. No excuses for skipping breakfast!


▫️45g of monster muesli (can use oats as an alternative)
▫️30g of TSN protein (choc or vanilla)
▫️250ml of Almond milk (can use other options)

▫️Frozen blueberries (100g)

Optional Extras

▫️Natural peanut or almond butter
▫️Other fruit alternatives (e.g. Banana

▫️ Red capsicum: 200g


1. Add a serving of muesli to bowl

2. Mix in 30g serving of TSN protein in with muesli (chocolate or vanilla)

3. Add 1 serving (250ml) of almond milk or water to your bowl. Stir while slowly adding liquid

4. Mix approx. 100g of frozen blueberries to your bowl and stir

5. Can place in freezer for a few minutes if needed.


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Protein Fats Carbohydrates
30g 12g 52g