Sometimes you want to change your breakfast options up a little. Breakfast on the BBQ is always a great option, especially on weekends. Keeping calories in check, this recipe will certainly deliver. Quality protein and carbohydrates to get fuel you for the day ahead.


▫️2 Slices of Burgen Rye bread (can use other alternatives as needed)
▫️Skinny Hommus (20g)
▫️Cherry Tomatoes
▫️Spinach leaves

▫️Kangaroo Sausages

Optional Extras

▫️Iodised sea salt

▫️Herbs & seasonings (Low sugar-sweet chilli sauce is another great option)


1. Cut Kangaroo sausages down the centre and cook on the BBQ

2. Put rye bread in toaster

3. Spread skinny hommus over toast (10g each slice)

4. Add a serving of spinach to each slice of toast

5. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and place on each slice

6. When cooked, cut the sausages in half and place on each slice of toast

7. Include any optional extras if needed

8. Enjoy!

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Protein Fats Carbohydrates
30g 12g 52g