Dinner to satisfy the whole family.

Lean protein, fibrous vegetables and tastey carbohydrates. All complimentary of a well rounded meal.


▫️ Lean pork medallions
▫️Red Capsicum
▫️Sweet Potato Chips (McCain)
▫️Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

▫️Herbamare vegetable seasoning

Optional Extras

▫️Hommus (Willow Farm)



1. Place alfoil on an oven tray

2. Preheat oven to 200°C (recommended to use the grill option)

3. Place non stick pan on stove (medium heat)

4. Cut broccolini, capsicum & asparagus to fit on oven tray.

5. Spray lightly with olive oil spray plus season with herbamare

6. Add serving of sweet potato to oven tray

7. Place tray of vegetables into oven (keep checking after 5-10 minutes)

8. Add pork medallions to pan on medium heat (cook for approx 6 minutes before turning)

9. Remove vegetables once cooked to your liking

10. Serve with pork and add optional extras as needed

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Protein Fats Carbohydrates
44g 15g 52g