Low fat, low carb protein pancake that can be used as a meal or as a snack alternative. Protein-packed for muscle nutrition and recovery.


▫️37.5g of Slow-Pro or Femme-Pro Slim (choc or vanilla)
▫️148ml of Egg Whites (Farm Pride)

▫️10g of Natural Peanut Butter (Sanitarium – Crunchy)

Optional Extras

▫️Queen sugar free maple syrup (20g)
▫️Cottee’s diet chocolate topping (30g)
▫️Coconut oil spray (only if needed on pan)

▫️Cinnamon (if using vanilla can be added)


1. Mix 148ml of egg whites, 10g of peanut butter & 37.5g of TSN protein into a bowl.

2. Pre-heat pan to a medium temperature (this avoids burning or drying out pancakes)

3. Stir ingredients thoroughly until mixes into a reasonably thick texture

4. Pour contents onto pan (mix can make 1 large or 2 smaller sized pancakes)

5. Cook only until the bottom is hard enough to flip

6. Carefully flip the pancake and do the same for the second side. Only cook until pancake is hard enough to lift. This keeps the centre soft and prevents pancake trying out.

7. lace pancake onto plate and add any optional extras if needed

8. Roll pancake carefully on plate then cut in half

9. Add Cottee’s diet chocolate topping and queen maple syrup if needed.


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Protein Fats Carbohydrates
45g 7g 7g