Get creative with plain old Tuna with some crunch and flavour. Simple, easy, and great again for those who are time-poor


▫️Uncle Ben’s brown/basmati rice (125g – 1/2 Packet or can cook fresh)
▫️1 tun of Serena Tuna in spring water (185g)

▫️Fresh Coleslaw Mix (80-100g. Can get in pre-made packets in supermarket)

Optional Extras

▫️Skinny Hommus (Black Swan)
▫️Cracked pepper
▫️Iodised sea salt

▫️Other herbs and seasonings can be used if needed


1. Microwave express packet rice for 90 seconds or as directed

2. Add 80g of fresh coleslaw mix to a bowl

3. Once heated add and mix 125g of cooked rice in with bowl with coleslaw mix

4. Drain tuna then add into bowl

5. Add any optional extras to your liking for the taste.

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Protein Fats Carbohydrates
40g 3g 44g